Our Story

Mark and Kassidy Cowin have always been fascinated by the beauty of plants and their potential for growth. Growing up, Mark spent most of his free time in his family’s garden, observing how different species thrived in different environments. As he got older, he became more and more interested in the art of gardening, and the beauty beheld by women.

Mark’s passions led him to meet his wife, Kassidy. Whom is a former exotic dancer, in which Mark had met during his adventures chasing his two favorite interests. And a few years later he met Scott Robida, a Master Gardner out of Oklahoma. Together they started a grow shop store in Ponca City, Oklahoma, called GreenThumb Indoor Grow Supplies. Along with his business partner, Scott, they taught customers the ins and outs of growing their own plants, and provided them with all the necessary equipment, soils, and nutrients to get the job done right. The store was a huge success, and they quickly gained a loyal following of enthusiastic gardeners.

Chapter 2: The First Store

Mark and Scott took GreenThumb Indoor Grow Supplies and made it a popular destination for indoor gardening enthusiasts in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Mark's deep knowledge and passion for plants, combined with Scott's business acumen and expertise in all things "Green", they created a successful venture that catered to the growing demand for indoor gardening supplies and plant decor. At GreenThumb, Mark and Scott not only provided customers with a wide range of equipment, soils, and nutrients but also offered valuable guidance and expertise. They took pride in educating customers about the intricacies of indoor gardening. Their dedication to helping customers achieve optimal plant growth and maximize yields set GreenThumb apart from other grow shops in the area. Word spread quickly about the excellent customer service and top-quality products at GreenThumb Indoor Grow Supplies. The store became known as a go-to destination for both experienced gardeners and beginners seeking advice and supplies for their gardens and home decor plants. Mark and Scott's commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with their extensive knowledge, fostered a loyal following of enthusiastic gardeners who trusted their expertise. Beyond the success of their store, Mark and Scott's impact extended to the local community. They organized workshops and seminars on indoor gardening, where they invited experts to share their knowledge and insights. By promoting sustainable and responsible gardening practices, they empowered individuals to grow their own plants, fostering a sense of self-sufficiency and environmental consciousness. Through their dedication, expertise, and genuine love for plants, Mark and Scott transformed GreenThumb Indoor Grow Supplies into a thriving business that not only met the needs of gardeners but also inspired a community of passionate growers and decorative ideas for their neighborhoods . Their story serves as an example of how a shared passion can lead to entrepreneurial success and make a positive impact on those who share that passion..

Chapter 3: The Launch

After a year of inspiring a small town, Scott furthered his ambitions onto real-estate. Not derived but inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit, desire to innovate, and looking over in thought at his extremely attractive wife wearing a tantalizing short flower dress. Mark conceived an idea that merged two seemingly unrelated worlds: indoor gardening and his second passion, adult entertainment. He envisioned a unique online platform that would combine the excitement of a strip club with the art of houseplant gardening. With this vision in mind, Mark set out to launch a bold venture called GreenThumb by MKs. Recognizing the potential of e-commerce and the reach of the internet, Mark aimed to create an immersive online experience that catered to a diverse audience. GreenThumb by MKs would not only provide basic and exotic plants alike, but would also offer an innovative twist—engaging content and adult-themed aesthetics that set it apart from traditional gardening websites. Mark hired a team of web developers, designers, and content creators called “Creative Design Crew” out of California, who shared his vision for this unconventional project. Together, they worked tirelessly to bring GreenThumb by MKs to life. The website featured a sleek design, incorporating elements of sensuality and sophistication, while maintaining a focus on providing valuable gardening resources and products. One of the key features of GreenThumb by MKs was its curated selection of exotic and rare plant species. Mark's fascination with the beauty of plants led him to source unique varieties from all over the world. Just as women come from all corners of this beautiful world. Customers could explore an extensive catalog of houseplants, including stunning foliage plants, vibrant décor vines and aloes, and even select exotics found no where else but By MK's. To ensure the success of the launch, Mark utilized his extensive network and partnered with influential figures in the adult entertainment industry. The collaboration brought together gardening enthusiasts and fans of adult-themed content, generating buzz and anticipation for the unique online platform. As the launch date approached, Mark and his team organized a series of promotional events and marketing campaigns. They leveraged social media platforms, targeted advertising, and strategic partnerships to reach a wide audience. GreenThumb by MKs launch generated significant attention, attracting not only gardeners but also individuals intrigued by the blend of sensuality, sexuality, plant decor and indoor houseplant gardening. The launch of GreenThumb by MKs was met with both excitement and curiosity. The website quickly gained traction, attracting a dedicated following of users who appreciated the fusion of gardening, sensuality, and adult-themed content. Mark has shown an innovative approach and ability to create a distinctive brand experience has positioned GreenThumb by MKs to be a trailblazer in the industry. As GreenThumb by MKs continued to evolve, Mark remained committed to providing excellent customer service and expanding the range of products and content. The platform became a hub for plant enthusiasts seeking both a unique shopping experience and captivating, informative content that catered to their diverse interests.
The GreenThumb by MK’s line of provocative clothing was also a huge hit, and the company’s “Girls of the Garden” team became a sensation at events, gatherings, and other entertainment venues. With all the services and products that gardeners needed, GreenThumb by MK’s quickly became the go-to destination for indoor gardening enthusiasts.

Chapter 4: The Future

Buoyed by the success of GreenThumb by MKs and the enthusiastic response from its audience, Mark set his sights on expanding the brand's reach and impact. Recognizing the growing demand for high-quality indoor plant decor, Mark embarked on an ambitious plan to look toward the future and envisions a world where GreenThumb by MKs continues to inspire and empower individuals to explore their passion for plants and themselves. Be sexy and confident in your personal choices. The future of GreenThumb by MKs is bright, as it continues to push boundaries, reshape industries, and empower individuals with the tools, knowledge, and community needed to thrive in the world of indoor gardening. Maybe a new exotic club is in the works?...